Fixed length safety lanyard 2 metre in length with screw gate oval carabiners at each attachment point, usually used when working on Ariel platforms.

This is a well made component  manufactured using 40mm polyester webbing treated with water repellent coating to extend its life.

Made with sewn-terminations rings with plastic rope protectors to prevent damage by metallic contact of the connectors.

This Lanyard has a steel screw gate carabiner’s at both ends  for Harness and anchorage attachment suitable for guardrail attachment on MEWP’s or where the wearer is working in a limited space.

Work Restraint components do not have shock-absorption or deceleration devices built into them.

Work Restraint Systems provides a high level of safety when operating in an area with unprotected leading edges and should always be considered before Fall Arrest.

The maximum lifespan of this safety lanyard is ten years.

EN 358